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Easy to Use, Reliable, Better Prices
Our SHTAK Twin Screw Food Extruders, are designed to make the best use of your environment, even in confined spaces and with limited production runs.

Our patented, simple and safe junction box underlies the technological capabilities of SHTAK Extruders, making them top-of-the-line extrusion equipment. This new technology not only makes it possible to offer our extruders at economical prices compared to comparable European and American models but also preserves the highest reliability of the components.

Thoughtful Design and Easy Maintenance with Standardized Components
The design of the SHTAK Extruder gives you easy access to all the components and mechanisms. This includes access to the hinged equipment during normal operation as well as for preventive maintenance and repair. This makes it possible to go from one die or product to another and do the technical adjustments with a minimal waste of time.

In addition, we designed our equipment to use standardized components whenever possible. This allows technical maintenance to be done anywhere in the world.

And, with minimal electronics and software required, you can make your own modifications without being overly dependent on us. We want you to be self-sufficient.

Technical Characteristics of SHTAK Twin Screw Food Extruders
Characteristics common for all models
Number of screws 2. Screws are straight, with double layered design, type-selling. There are 4 kinds of screw segments (different pitch and length). The models have the ability to modify the kneading zone with mixing discs.
Number of barrels — 3,5,7,9. One is charging while the others are working. Barrels are all-metal with inside cooling bores.
Resistive heaters and the cooling system design produce consistent temperatures in the working barrels. Each barrel can be at a different temperature.
The regulation of the main drive engine rotation, the batching of dry components, and the cutting device are controlled through a frequency changer.
The batcher pump carefully controls the water given to the charging barrel.
The protection rating of the electrical casing in the engines and in the control cabinet is IP54.

We can equip the extruder with an optional memory system to record parameter changes and display these with real-time diagrams. These allow you to analyze the extruders operation for instant correction and efficiency maximization.

Technical Characteristics of Twin Screw Food Extruders SHTAK
Technical SpecificationSHTAK-30SHTAK-50SHTAK-72
Screw diameter, mm37,46088
Relative length of extrusion zone (5-barrel machine)17,4117,4117,61
Main drive power, kW7,54590
Installed power of the drives, kW1565120
Rotational speed range of the working screw, rpm30-50030-40030-350
Total weight with the control cabinet (5-barrel machine), kg60017004000
Overall dimensions (5-barrel machine), mm   

Single Screw Food Extruders SHTAK-80 and SHTAK -180
With our extensive experience in designing and producing twin-screw extruders, in 2001 we introduced the SHTAK -80 single-screw food extruders with the long extrusion zone.
SHTAK -80 is the unique single-screw food extruder produced in the former USSR whose technical capabilities are as much as possible like those of the twin-screw machine.

In 2008 we introduced the higher capacity SHTAK -180 single-screw food extruder. Its design is based on our work with the SHTAK -80 extruder.

Technical haracteristics of Single Screw Food Extruders SHTAK
Technical SpecificationSHTAK-80MSHTAK-180
Number of screws11
Screw diameter, mm80180
Relative length of extrusion zone1510
Number of barrels24
Water cooling of barrelsyesyes
Automatic management of temperature in working barrelsnono
Extra heating of working barrelsnono
Regulation of the rotation frequency from the control cabinet:  
the dry components batcheryesyes
the cutting deviceyesyes
the main drivenono
Controlled giving of the drinking water into the charging barrelyesyes
Main drive power, kW45250-315
Installed power of drives, kW48270-335
Rotational speed range of the working screw, rpm250150
The protection degree of the electrical casingIP54IP54
Weight with the control cabinet10006000
Dimensions, mm  

Technological Support of SHTAK Extruders
Our support includes
Development of new technologies to new and existing raw material bases
Adaptation of current processes to new and existing raw material bases
Modification of equipment and processes to desired product appearance and properties
Teaching customers the fundamentals of co-extrusion technologies and extruder management
- At the customers location
- In our laboratory

Products Made with SHTAK Extruders.
They include:
Corn strokes and figured corn
Breakfast cereals in different forms
Food bran
Intermediate products for chocolate products, pastry, cakes
Extrusion-type (soft) rusks
Dual textured co-extruded products such as cream filled tubules, pillows, and sticks
Corn, rice, wheat, and rye flakes
Texturized soybean protein in the form of piece, force, flour
Aquarium fish food
Feeds for rodent pets
Feeds for dogs and cats
Industrial products such as:
Modified starches and precooked flours
Industrial breading
Starch-containing reagent for oil and gas production
Sodium and calcium caseinates

LTD A-Line
Customer Service Support from St. Petersburg

LTD A-Line provides technical support here and abroad for SHTAK extruders. We can help you with technical problems and complex questions. Our experts have many years of experience with SHTAK extruders — operating them and putting them into operation under different conditions in most of the former Soviet Union republics.

Phone: (812) 556-05-02, 292-90-49, 297-37-03
Phone/fax: (812) 556-05-02
Internet site:

Twin Screw Food Extruders SHTAK-72

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